Sharpen your fangs and pre heat your oven! Lost Boys Pizza is now shipping pizza kits Nationally! Place your order by 6pm Tuesday for delivery in time for the weekend. We know its good, dear familiar, but you shouldn’t just take our word for it… check out this lovely review by Ella Saoirse.

Lost Boys Pizza Delivered

That’s right: delivered. It’s been too long since we’ve been able to experience our favourite black dough from within the Camden based crypt that we all know and love, but somehow, despite everything, the LBP vamps have managed to pull through. They’ve created a new way by which the charcoal crusts that I dream about (Ready Pizza One, I’m looking at you) can be delivered straight to me, no mess, no stress, no fuss. And that’s not all: who knew that some funny looking plastic pouches could be the ideal vessels for mail-order cocktails? So not only can I sink my teeth into a slice of heaven at home, done exactly how I like it, but I can do so with my favourite tipple in hand, sitting back, relaxed and ready to rumble. I mean, really, what more could I ask for? 

But how does it work, you ask? What if I can’t cook? What if I don’t trust myself? How could Lost Boys Pizza at home possibly be anywhere near as wonderful as it is in the heart of Camden? Have no fear, my friends, because I am here to explain and review solely for the purposes of your ease and pleasure. The breakdown? You want it, I’ll give it ya. The ramblings that follow are intended to provide you with a deeply descriptive exploration of the order at home experience. Now, let me take you on a journey across the border, to my tiny kitchen in Cardiff, Wales, where my Lost Boys Pizza In Your House adventure begins…

The Power Of Slice Compels You

Living so far away from the best pizza joint on the planet has been difficult. It really is one of those places with an atmosphere that can’t be captured anywhere else. I often find myself daydreaming, thinking back to the last time I had a slice of Lost Boys Pizza goodness and knowing full well that it was far too long ago. I’d be lying to you guys and to myself if I said I didn’t crave the taste of several menu items on the reg, and it’s a hard life not being in the UberEats delivery range. It’s true that distance makes the heart grow fonder. 

It is worth noting, too, that lockdown has been tough on all of us, but our favourite independents are amongst those who’ve suffered the most. From unforeseen closures to last minute reopenings and all the way back again, things have been moving in circles without any forward momentum. So of course, when I found out that Lost Boys Pizza could send me a pizza in the post at just the click of a button, I had no choice but to offer up my support (and my empty stomach for filling). No restriction could stop me any longer. I was ready, willing, and all of a sudden, I was able. I found myself placing an extensive order without a second thought.

Lost Boys Pizza At Home

After placing my order on Tuesday, Saturday rolled around faster than I could say ‘You Must Feed’. Familiar to all of us is the feeling of excitement that comes when you’re waiting patiently by the door, hoping any second to hear a knock or two from the postman. It’s a child-like excitement, like waiting for Christmas morning. And when the time came, I wasn’t in the slightest disappointed. In fact, I would go as far to say that I was beyond impressed. My order arrived within my allotted delivery time slot, dressed up to the nines in all its protective gear, waiting to be unwrapped like the gift I’d always wanted. 

Reading through the provided instructions for Lost Boys Pizza’s Take and Bake, I could practically hear their voices creeping through the words on the page. The steps guided me from start to finish, making sure I had all the equipment I needed to make my Lost Boys Pizza at home as delicious as possible, and even factoring in a quick break to take a sip (or hefty gulp) of my chosen beverage. It was, for want of a more appropriate term, as easy as pie. After carefully unwrapping the goods, I discovered that the toppings were nicely separated and clearly labelled in their own little pots (not that I needed a label to tell me the difference between smoked ham and broccoli). Each of the bases were as black as I’d been promised, stacked neatly on top of each other inside boxes stamped with the Lost Boys Pizza seal of approval. All I had to do was put it together and not let it burn!

 With the Lost Boys Pizza In Your House playlist turned up loud enough to shake not only my walls but the walls of my neighbours too, I enjoyed the taste of a Lost Boys Pizza at home. I sat comfortably in my pyjamas on my sofa, sharing slices with my housemates and squeezing the last of that Spicy Green Pineapple Relish straight onto my tongue. It wasn’t Camden, by any stretch, but it tasted just as good. The passion, love and care that went into these mail order packs could be felt so strongly at every stage of the making, baking and eating process, so that even the vampires themselves were there in spirit.    

For a long while, I had a Lost Boys Pizza shaped hole in my heart that was crying out to be fixed. After my experience with ordering pizza at home, both my heart and my stomach are full to the brim. I’m high on slices, happy as larry and soon to be hungry for more. If you take one thing away from my words, let it be this: Lost Boys Pizza In Your House needs you, and you must feed. Don’t deny it, you can’t fight it… click here to get your slice of heaven brought straight to your door.